Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's that bleeding noise?

Noise is one of the primary disrupters of sleep. It can stop you going to sleep and wake you up once you are asleep.

Bad noise!

Some noisy things - like a ticking clock or a household appliance - you can do something about.

Other noisy things - like your offspring or the road outside your bedroom window - are more difficult to control.

Most people tend to get used to noise after a while and manage to blank it out.

Others don't take the risk and go to bed wearing earplugs...but they are not for everybody as they can be uncomfortable.

An alternative method to dodge noise is to use a technique such as imagery to distract yourself. Once you're  imagining "another place" (such as a beach on a beautiful summer's day), the brain manages to isolate itself from those pesky noises that have been bothering you.

Top tip for a great night's sleep: Use imagery techniques to make noise annoyances that you cannot control float away and disappear

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