Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A hot bath before bed helps you sleep

Many people have a lovely hot bath before bed, because they believe that it helps them sleep better. 

And they're right. 

It does.

But why is that?

Well, falling asleep is intrinsically linked to your internal body temperature. A hot bath increases your core body temperature by about 1°C - but it's not the heat of the bath that makes you feel drowsy.

Instead it's the cooling down and drop in your core temperature after a bath that's the real trigger for sleep. 

Top tip for a great night's sleep: Have a good old hot soak about an hour before bedtime - the rise and subsequent fall in your core body temperature should help you drift off in no time. 

PS - Why not try our gorgeous Deep Sleep Bath Soak by This Works to make that bath even more relaxing? 

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