Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sleep is the third "pillar" of a healthy life

Here at The Snoozery, we're on a mission to help people sleep better.

That's because we believe that sleep is the third "pillar" of a healthy life.

The other two "pillars" - taking exercise and healthy eating - have received a lot of attention in the media and appear to have entered the popular psyche.

Sure, people struggle to eat nutritious foods and keep active all the time, but at least they know - for the most part - that they should be trying to eat their 5-a-day and lift their heart rates occasionally.

But sleep has been neglected. Sleep has been undervalued. Sleep has become something to squeeze in between your other plans.

And we believe that's not right.

Because sleep is so wonderful. After a good night's sleep you can feel ready to take on the world. You feel so much better, so much more able to perform at your best.

So we've searched high and low for lots of lovely things that can help you sleep better.

We hope you like them.

Welcome to The Snoozery

A big warm, cosy bedtime welcome to The Snoozery blog -  our home for comments, ideas, suggestions and anything else in between, that might help us - and you - in the quest for a great night's sleep.

After all,  you deserve a great night's sleep. And we're going to try to help you get it.

We look forward to sharing our ideas with you over the coming weeks and months.