Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Here @thesnoozery we recommend The Sleep Book by Guy Meadows

Here at The Snoozery we are currently reading this no-nonsense book which puts forward a natural, drug-free way of getting a better night's sleep and beating insomnia.

It's an easy to read guide to using mindfulness and acceptance to combat the mind spinning whirl of thoughts that afflict those suffering from insomnia. The idea is simple, it's the battle with those thoughts that keeps you wakeful so if you can find a way to accept them rather than fight them you are on the way to getting a better sleep.

Easier said than done no doubt, but this book explains with tools, techniques and case studies how to go about it and for anyone suffering from insomnia this natural approach surely beats the alternatives.

We'd recommend this book and the approach that's clearly explained by it's author Guy Meadows who is a professional sleep therapist and researcher.