Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurray we're famous!

When the clocks go back on Sunday the London Evening Standard suggests using The Snoozery's Dreamweaver Sleep Masks to ensure you make the most of that extra hour!

We certainly will be!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A great night's sleep guaranteed

I recently had need to spend a night at a Premier Inn in Salisbury. A pleasant enough stay.

Hats off to them for their good night guarantee. Another initiative recognising the real thing people want from a hotel - a great night's sleep. Also had the option to choose a pillow and the "Ssshh quiet zone" in operation.

So it's a "good work trooper" from the Snoozery team!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Six things to look for in a sleep mask

1. Good fit
You need to ensure that the sleep mask fits your face well so that it is comfortable and also so that it does not let any light in around the sides.
2. Comfort
If you are going to drift carefree into the land of nod you need to be sure that nothing is going to disturb you and that includes your sleep mask. So look for soft materials and good design.
3. Wide strap
You need a good wide strap so that it does not dig into your head and cause you to wake. We've all tried those airline masks with the floss like straps. Avoid those and go for one where the strap is wide enough to spread the load on your head and keep you comfy.
4. Adjustable
Everyone has a different shape of head. That's what makes us an interesting species. So you need to find a sleep mask that can be adjusted to fit your shape. Velcro adjusters work effectively.
5. Eye cavities
These are the holes that allow your eyes to move around freely inside the mask. So you can roll your eyes to your heart's content and no one will be any the wiser.
6.Light blocking
Might sound obvious but they also need to cut out the light. So they need to be made from opaque materials, and fit well around the edges. The area where light leakage is most likely to occur is around the nose. Many designs include a flap of material around the nose that serves to block this out.

And finally...there's also a curious perception that sleep masks need to be black in colour to work effectively. That's not actually true as it all comes down to how well the material they're made from blocks light and the fit. So pink can work just as well as black!

All the sleep masks we stock at The Snoozery meet these criteria. If you are interested check them out here.Click here.