Monday, April 30, 2012


Not wanting to be a harbinger of doom, but we thought it might be worth taking a moment to share with you the potential dangers associated with not getting enough sleep.

We all know that not getting enough sleep can make you grouchy, but according to Dr Chris Idzikowski from the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, sleep deprivation can:

  • Destroy your mood
  • Impair concentration and memory
  • Cause fatigue, tiredness and irritability
  • Result in increased weight and poorer glucose handling
  • Make it harder to lose weight
  • Cause a dip in your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of 5% which affects your interpersonal, empathetic and stress management skills
  • Increase anxiety and stress levels
  • Result in difficulty in coping with life’s demands
  • Lower your ability to complete tasks
  • Cause you to struggle with job performance, social life and family life
  • Make you less willing to accept blame as a means of alleviating conflict
  • Cause you to react more aggressively and emit more blaming responses when faced with frustrating situations

And if that’s not enough to want you to go and have a lie-down, scientists have discovered that a prolonged lack of sleep increases the chance of heart disease by 48% and strokes by 15%.

(It’s all down to the hormones Ghrelin and Leptin, which control appetite and are more plentiful when you’re sleep deprived. Poorer sleepers tend to eat more and are more likely to be obese, so are at greater risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.)

Top tip: Leave stuff on the do-list, don’t watch another episode from that Box-set, do accept that a candle burnt at both ends will burn out quicker and GET TO BED!

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