Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How much caffeine are you drinking?

Caffeine makes it harder to sleep because it stimulates the central nervous system, increasing your heart rate and adrenaline production, and also suppressing melatonin production. It takes a long time for the body to break down caffeine, so drinking caffeine during the day can affect sleep at night.

But do you know what your caffeine intake is?

Here's a quick - and sometimes surprising - ready-reckoner for the caffeine content in some of the things you might be consuming:

  • Large mug of coffee-house coffee: 240 milligrammes
  • Regular mug coffee-house coffee: 200mg
  • Normal mug of brewed (cafetiere) coffee: 200mg
  • Large cappuccino: 150mg
  • 1 pain relieving tablet: 130mg
  • Slim can of energy drink: 120mg
  • Portion of coffee ice cream: 90mg
  • Mug of instant coffee: 85mg
  • Cup of brewed tea: 75mg
  • Dark chocolate bar: 75mg
  • Cup of green tea: 60mg
  • Can of Diet Coke: 47mg
  • Espresso: 40mg
  • Can of Coke: 38mg
  • Normal mug of brewed (cafetiere) Decaf coffee: 8mg 

Top tip for a great night's sleep: Keep an eye on your caffeine consumption and try to keep off it totally in the hours before bed

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