Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Sleep Revolution – By Arianna Huffington. A book review and giveaway for the first few requests.

This is a quick review of this latest book from Arianna Huffington – Founder of the Huffington Post about her perspectives and point of view on the topic of Sleep and the need for a revolution in attitudes towards the need for sleep. This is particularly important in the prevailing culture of big business and the attitude that sleep can wait or “we don’t want to miss out”

The book was inspired by Huffington’s own experiences of becoming acutely sleep deprived at one point in her life, passing out through exhaustion and cracking her cheekbone in the process. The event was a wake up call (excuse me!) and set here on the road to find out more about the business of sleep and to transform her attitudes and habits along the way.

As someone who has been championing the sleepless through The Snoozery since 2012 I am delighted to see such high profile people taking to the cause and the book is an accessible way to understand more about the cultural, historical and scientific business of sleep as well as providing some handy tips for improving your own sleep.

What I personally like about "The Sleep Revolution" is that it sees the issue from a real personal perspective, it raises the alarm about the disturbing prevalence of both sleeplessness and the use of sleeping pills.

What I also like is that it is not an unrealistic book that promises some kind of overnight (there I go again) magical cure but makes clear that everyone needs to find a way that’s right for them from a plethora of sensible measures that anyone can take to set themselves on the road to better sleep habits.

Like for instance reviewing our relationship with technology in the bedroom and the temptation to stay connected 24/7 and what the blue light of modern smartphones can do for sleep. Like being aware of the importance of a good bedtime routine in the wind down and how meditation and mindfulness can help to tackle the worries and anxieties that can be at the root of a lot of sleeplessness.

The only small downside is that for a Brit it can be a bit American at points so for example only offering ideal sleeping temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit. Though this is a small niggle in an otherwise very readable book.

We’ve got a handful of copies of the book to giveaway – if you’d like one please get in touch. Stocks are limited.