Thursday, March 29, 2012

The perils of power napping

Oh dear oh dear! Here at The Snoozery we are big fans of the power nap as a way to revive flagging energy during the day in the face of small kids keeping you awake all night. We believe we should be  taking a leaf or two from our Southern European friends' book and are disappointed that their siesta concept has not gained wider popularity.

But as a reviving tactic it needs to be deployed carefully, especially in business, and last night's episode of the Apprentice clearly demonstrated the perils of power napping. Poor young Maria, who has mastered the art of the open-mouthed-OMG expression, was literally caught napping in the back of a taxi whilst the other team members were "having a meeting".

Needless to say Good Lord Sugar, the gnarly business-veteran, was unimpressed when the she wolves rounded on her in the boardroom, and the finger of doom was duly pointed in her direction. She claimed to be just thinking and adopted the well trodden OMG face, but to no avail.

So be careful out there, the benefits of the power nap are many fold but we recommend not in a meeting or when shooting a business reality show. You could end up fired or worse.

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