Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Which door would you choose?

In an recent feature in Best Magazine women were asked to choose between three doors: behind the first stood their dream man, behind the second the promise of a passionate night with a film star and behind the third and final door- their perfect bed; with fluffy pillows and a guaranteed 10 hours of undisturbed sleep.

You won’t guess which door all but one woman chose… The third!

It seems that due to stress and worry, kids or discomfort in bed we are all in desperate need of a good nights sleep. But that may be easier to come by than you think - changing your sleep environment to a darker, cooler, quieter and more comfortable space can have an enormous impact on your quality of sleep. So take a peek at our carefully selected range of Sleep Masks, Earplugs and Pyjamas and help yourself to get that great nights sleep you deserve - so in the future - you won’t have to turn down Brad Pitt just for a few hours of peaceful shuteye! 


Sleep Tight! ;)

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