Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to sleep well at a hotel II - watch out it's the snore police!

Further to my last post about getting a good night's sleep at a hotel I came across this piece about the Crowne Plaza introducing Sleep Monitors to detect loud snorers in their quiet zones.

crown plaza snore-monitors

Apparently if you are snoring too loud in the quiet zone then you get a knock on the door from the snore police (aka the snore monitors).

Now whilst snoring is a big nuisance for those that want a great night's sleep. Ask my wife - I snore like a drain. I can't help feeling if I'd paid good money for a hotel room and got woken up because I was snoring I may not be best pleased.

However good PR for Crowne Plaza and well done for having a go and putting a good night's sleep on the agenda.

Isn't the real issue about the architecture and design of hotels to control unwanted noise pollution from wherever it comes?

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