Thursday, November 28, 2013

#thesnoozery - Do you have trouble sleeping over the festive period?

We read an article in the Huffington Post about cold weather and sleep and pulled out some top tips for you…

1. Set the right temperature
Whilst cranking up the heating makes for a snug evening in – it isn’t helping us sleep – we tend to get a better night’s rest by keeping the bedroom cooler which slightly lowers our body temperature. However being too cold in bed can also keep you awake! So try using layers of bedcovers that you can kick off when you get too hot…or take a cuddly hottie or a microwavable wheat bag to bed with you.

2. Get as much light as possible
A lack of daylight over winter can make us feel a bit sleepy and a bit low throughout the day and means there's no change to darkness at the end of the day telling our bodies it's time to sleep.  Get out into the sunlight as much as possible and at nighttime; avoid artificial lights like TVs and laptops for an hour or so before bed.

3. Don’t overindulge
When you eat a heavy meal late in the evening, the body has to work hard to digest it, which can actually keep you awake. Try to eat a good few hours (four or five if possible!) before bedtime to allow time for the food to digest

4. Keep exercising
We tend to feel less motivated to exercise in the cold winter months - which can leave us feeling sluggish and means we stop using up all our energy.  Try to be as active as you can; take the stairs instead of the lift or go for a brisk walk in the evening - you should sleep better for it.

5. Try not to oversleep at the weekends
Although staying tucked up in bed all day at the weekend is tempting in this weather - it can actually disrupt your sleeping patterns during the week; try to avoid changing the time you go to bed and wake up by more than an hour or so.

6. Clear those sinuses
Sleep helps us heal but when we're suffering from a cold or flu it’s hard to drift off. We're often too stuffed up to breathe so we compensate by opening our mouths, which can lead to snoring. Try to open the nasal passages before you go to bed, by breathing in warm, moist air, trying a nose passage-opening product, or keeping the head elevated.

Why not let us know if any of these tips work or don't work for you or if you have any of your own tips you'd like to share! Don't forget if you want to help someone you know on their way to a great night's sleep this christmas we have some great gifts on offer on our website

Sleep Tight,

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