Friday, August 2, 2013

Full Moon Mysteries

Of all the mysterious rumours surrounding the full moon it appears that one might actually have some truth behind it…

It isn’t werewolves don’t panic! But a study has found a link between moon phases and sleep patterns: participants took longer to nod off and had poorer quality sleep when there was a full moon!

The participants were unaware of the purpose of the study and could not see the moon from their beds. But still analysis showed that on nights with a full moon; brain activity associated with deep sleep fell by nearly a third, it took participants on average 5 minutes longer to fall asleep, their sleep was 20 minutes shorter and there was a drop in levels of melatonin, a protein that helps regulate sleep. 

So even without being able to see the moonlight, the body is somehow still responding to the fact it is a full moon. Professor Cajochen suggests that this response, which they call the "circalunar rhythm," could be a relic of ancient times when human behavior was more heavily influenced by the moon. But it’s down to further studies now to uncover the biology that explains this influence!

Even our great sleep masks can’t help you out with this one sorry! 

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