Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Snoozery goes Late Night Shopping - Marlow style

Usually we would advise that the thing to do late at night is go to bed and get yourself a great night's sleep.

But a week today (Thursday 6th December) The Snoozery will be selling our wares as part of Marlow's Late Night Shopping Christmas event...

So if you're in the area between 6pm-9pm (so early evening rather than late night), do pop on down and have a wander about...We've got some lovely Gift Sets that are definitely worth considering...

Our stall will be right outside Barclays Bank, but the whole High St will be closed to traffic with all the shops open and stalls all the way along either side of the street. There'll be music, fair ground rides and who knows what else.

Hope to see you there, but in the mean time, sleep tight.

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